LG X Charge vs LG X Power (Boost Mobile)

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LG X Charge vs LG X Power (Boost Mobile)

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  1. These 2 phones have different specs depending on which carrier you source them from which could change the results. For instance the X Charge comes in both a Mediatek chip and a 4 core Qualcomm chip. The X Power comes in a 2g ram and a 1.5g of ram variant.

  2. If you're in the same WiFi connection, packets are likely focused on one or the other phone. If you're comparing with one on WiFi and the other on Data, you're comparing apples & oranges.
    Love my X charge, except the standard keyboard doesn't space between words a lot.
    I wish the ZTE Axon I'm on lasted as long as the x charge. It's just cooler, and sound is excellent.

  3. There is always pros and cons to every phone., whether the battery last longer than another phone, but the volume is low. I think sometimes they rush to get these phones out on the market. and tend to forget or overlook something.

  4. OK I have the lg x power and the lg x charge, so what's the big difference? The x charge is basically the x power only with a few newer upgrades like the camera is better however with all the up grades the x charge battery burns faster than the x power .. So just decide do you want more newer upgrades or a longer battery life..