LG X Power vs Galaxy S5

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Hi there, and welcome to this video comparison of the LG X Power vs Samsung Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a 2014 Flagship Android Smartphone and the LG X Power is a late 2016 LG Budget device. The results of this comparison may surprise you. In this video you will find a series of tests from boot up tests, to application tests to multitasking tests where we go on a mission to find out which device comes out ahead. The intentions of this video is to help you in your research of which device is going to be the right device for you.

Question of the day: Which one of these devices would you pick up if you were to choose one?

LG X Power Pricing and Information:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Pricing and information:

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  1. Hi Nick..I just bought an LG X Power 3 ..my first Android Phone..a nice upgrade from an iPhone 5! Could you make a video to introduce some of the features of this new model..no decent videos on this model on Youtube??

  2. Im on the LG X Power right now texting this lol i love this phone it was only 50 dollars cheap for such a good phone i bought it from walmart boostmobile its amazing

  3. I own an X power and am looking to upgrade because my X power battery gets VERY HOT during heavy use. The X power beats the S5, but what about an S6????

  4. You are already hot over the LG and when you do the test of the run, your fingers go a little noticeably quicker on the LG than the GS5, however, it doesn't matter to me because I have both phones, and I still love my GS5 better, maybe because I have a network enhancer and a nice tough Otter case…the GS5 is a very solid phone. For some reason the LG seems a little flimsy, and I really dislike how the battery is on the LG…..the manufacturers don't seem to give us techs a break, things only get tougher to replace, "My first cell phone screen replacement was a iphone 4!" OooOoooH let me tell you that was NOT fun at all! It was like holding an egg with a baby bird hatching in your hand, and you're way up in a tree with no place to lay it, and you're busy balancing yourself on the tree, but the baby bird comes first! I don't think I want to ever do another iphone 4.

  5. Well the X power was designed for heavy users and in fact it works good at it. The S5 is still a nice and powerful smartphone, for the price I would go for the X power. That 4100 mah makes the difference to me, besides performance is pretty close to S5 which is a high quality smartphone.

  6. you're not correct when it comes to technical facts and functions…
    for example: 2:20 The samsung is slower because the software is waiting for a second press on the home button to activate the S Voice ! not because it is a physical home button LMAO

  7. so I made the Best decision it's slightly better then the Stylo & most Flagship Phones we know & love plus the the 128GB SDXC it gets even better.

    $80.00 for this Beauty

  8. I charged my s5 several times throughout my day as a heavy user, and needed to carry a charger. my new x Power has never hit 15% barely since I've had it with heavy use and the LCD turned up. turn up the LCD on your s5 and browse and run videos constantly and you're lucky to last a half day. if the phone can't turn on doesn't matter if it's slightly faster

  9. Just an FYI for everyone. It matters which X Power you have. Some have 1.3GHZ processor and the boost version has a 1.8ghz octa core. So the boost mobile verson (idk if any other carrier has the same spec version) is the best version. because I upgraded from the S5 and this blows the s5 away. surprisingly xD

  10. I have the S5 neo now for 6 months and hope it will work till summer 2018.

    it's a great phone to have on a daily basis.

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  11. no doubt..i still want the s5 even if it's an old flagship. i notice the screen of the s5 is more vivid since it is amoled. it has got a fingerprint sensor and without forgetting that it is rated ip67. Also the s5 has a 16 mega pixel camera. the s5 is way better

  12. Anybody worried about speed and daily performance considering an s5,buy a nexus 6 or 5x. 7.1.1 is the best update performance wise I've ever got on a phone.

  13. Hey Nick, nice video. You're getting new subscriber. I have a question – what are the results of AnTuTu benchmark for Boost LG X Power. European gets about 33k points, cricket about 23k but I cant find results for Boost variant. Could you tell me?

  14. moto g family is the only mid range type of smarphone that cought up with older flagships, in terms of speed the moto g4 and g4 plus are really close to the snapdragon 800/801, and the camera is just as good as the iphone 6, i have the g4 and i'm shocked of how good it is

  15. I'd also like to mention that I had to charge my M8 2 to 3 times a day where is the LG X power only needs one charge per day. I think in 3 years you will be able to pick up a budget device in the $200 range that will be more than acceptable for most applications. the Gap has really narrowed