Lineage 2 Revolution ENGLISH Gameplay (Android & iOS 2017)

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Today I have some Lineage 2 Revolution gameplay in English. It came out only a couple days ago (in English at least).

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Outro Music: “Gavin Luke – Shake Down”


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  1. This game auto plays everything and the screen is so busy with numbers and names and garbage that it breaks immersion it is an utterly useless game 1/10 don’t believe the hype

  2. click on quest npc and spam click away novels of text, follow the compass target on the map to the next npc, spam click through more puking text, then to the next npc that vomits more putrid text, congrats! quest complete, rinse repeat

  3. can someone please help? ;-; im on ios iphone 6 and i cant find it on my appstore (i thought it was out globally) please any help would be appreciated and um is there any way to download it? ;-;

  4. Great video bro! question tho.. are you going to keep playing that game? if yes.. I would like to join ya so if yes please tell me what server (if there is servers) and if you would make a guild or clan or whatever called in that game