Liquid Nitrogen vs Samsung Galaxy S8 & iPhone 7! What Happens?

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What Happens If You Put Your Samsung Galaxy S8 in Liquid Nitrogen? or iPhone 7? Extreme S8 Freeze Test!

Samsung Galaxy S8 DROP Test:
Samsung Galaxy S8 WATER Test:
Samsung Galaxy S8 FREEZE Test:


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  1. What an idiotic BIASED piece of shit. iphone was in 2:132:54 for 41 seconds and has 3 pours. The Samsung STARTS the second he drops it in the bowl since the bowl already contained liquid nitrogen. Samsung got a total of 5 pours ( 4 pours plus 1 pour already in the bowl) and "cooked" for 87 seconds before it died!! ( 3:525:19 )

  2. WHY the display on the S8 cracked? it is because the glass on the curved edge are very flimsy even though it is Gorilla Glass 5, and nitrogen froze it up and the edges cracked and spread to the main screen.