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LiveTrans – Live Human Translator | Interpreter iOS App – Presentation and Indiegogo Crowfunding – Donate Here:

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Machine translation services and other similar tools people use on a daily basis, claim to have brought language interpretation and translation into the modern world, but what all these services have really done is mangle every language with which they come into contact. Even languages that are actually very similar – like Italian and Spanish, for example – are hardly intelligible when translated back and forth through one of these automated systems. Thus, for anyone who is visiting a foreign country, one in which they do not speak the native tongue, there is something of a persistent conundrum, and as horrifying as it sounds, these poor travelers have no choice but to rely on the kindness of strangers.
LiveTrans is going to change all that. Offering an “Interpreter/Translator on demand”; our service is perfect for anyone who is looking to translate between languages on the fly. Users will buy a certain amount of credits at a very competitive price, by which they will be able to hire an Interpreter/Translator for a limited period of time (1, 2, 5, 10, 15, or more minutes, or even just a few seconds) and communicate with their personal Interpreter/Translator via our embedded IM service or, at a later stage of our app development, even via Whatsapp. Our app will display how much time and credits you have left so that you never get caught off guard, and whenever you want a translation done, you can send along an audio, video, or text file and your personal Professional Translator will get back to you as soon as they have them translated; you can also choose how you would like your translation/interpretation to be sent back to you (text, audio or video). Interpreters will have their own profiles (including their working language pair/s, price per second/minute and Country) – further personalizing the translation process and allowing any app user to find the right professional, available/online at a specific moment.
LiveTrans is totally ideal for any other situations, such as conferences, business transactions and many many more.

LiveTrans – Live Human Translator | Interpreter iOS App – Presentation and Indiegogo Crowfunding – Donate Here:

Facebook Official Page:



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Ciao, sono Savv Fabb, anche se il mio vero nome è Saverio Fabbri; sono nato e cresciuto a Bologna, sono poliglotta (parlo italiano, inglese, spagnolo e francese), ho da sempre una forte passione per le lingue straniere e la comunicazione in generale. Sono traduttore, interprete, scrittore, insegnante e video blogger. Ho fatto anche esperienze nel campo dei media.

Hey there! I’m Savv Fabb, even though my real name is Saverio Fabbri; I was born and raised in Bologna, Italy. As a lifelong polyglot (I speak Italian, English, Spanish and French); I work as a translator, interpreter, teacher, writer and vlogger. I also had some experiences in the media industry.

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