Magnetic Adsorption Case for IPhone X 8 7 Plus Clear Tempered Glass + Built-in Magnet Case Metal

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Magnet absorption Aluminum alloy metal frame phone cases for iPhone X 7 8 7 Plus 8 Plus Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass Back Cover

Magnetic mobile phone shell Automatic closing:[Magnet] Strong adsorption, do not worry about detachment, a total of 16 magnetic points. 4 concave and convex closed holes, closed accurately One seamless detail design, real machine open mold, precise hole position.360 degree metal frame protection。

The new phone case, invisible magnet super resuscitation, installation more convenient The same as the Apple iPhoneX curved border design Non-Slip Grip: New look features glossy, special Dull Polish Glass textures effective anti-slip, suitable for those customer with Hands often sweat.

Breaking the traditional practice of metal frame affecting the signal Enjoy smooth signal with quadrangle antenna and open hole Supports wireless fast charging, and can also be charged with the shell.

Perfect Compatibility: Designed for iPhone X iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus Button fit without hindrance, The camera’s hole is perfectly aligned.


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  1. I literally just got this in the mail today after ordering a month ago … I was way to excited to see in arrive only to open an envelope of shattered glass … literally shattered , like almost dust … Very F’in pissed …