Making the iPhone 8 INVINCIBLE (and Modular)

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The iPhone 8 is a fantastic phone, although not as revolutionary as the iPhone X. This mod by Rhinoshield gives you protection and modifications:

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  1. Ok I’m convinced
    I checked the website and yes. It’s a yes for me. That price tag for that amount of security is just insane!
    This case is the shit

  2. Liked the case but the plastic cracked and broke for me after 2 months. Also the screen protecter was great! But it scratched at like a 4 on the scale, where glass scratches at a 6-7

  3. This case truly is amazing, protected my phone every time, I would even give my friends my phone and get them to throw it straight into a wall or the floor, and no damage, EVER. Sadly, this had a toll on the case itself, as I got it in white the impact points became evident with black marks and scratches across the case, Ive discontinued use as it is way too beat up to use, and have now opted for an apple silicone case, which I will certainly not let my friends throw at the floor.