Mastering in GarageBand on iPhone using the FAC Maxima Plug-in

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Mastering in GarageBand on iPhone using the FAC Maxima Plug-in.

In this video, I attempt to master my song in GarageBand on my iPhone using just one plug-in – the FAC Maxima. The mastering process aims to make your song “radio ready” by making final tweaks such as EQ and limiting.

The FAC Maxima works as a sounds maximiser, which is like a compressor or limiter, meaning you can get some great volume boost without losing audio quality in your tracks.

Take a look at the process as I tweak the settings to master this track, or jump to the last 3 minutes if you want to check out the mastered version of the song.

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  1. I certainly enjoy your videos. Thanks for sharing such a large amount of tips and tricks. As far as feedback on your mixing of this song…maybe it's just me, but I'd still like to hear the drums a little more present in the mix. Other than that, enjoyed it a lot. And lyrics are fun.

  2. I was really looking forward to using it, but it’s actually 13 dollars…. any other alternatives for mixing and mastering? Cos I’m soon going to start producing trap and hip hop beats

  3. I like it. Btw Pete is there a way to give equal midi note length when playing/recording parts.
    Cubasis allows quantisation of note length, can GarageBand also do this?

    I have a proper studio setup with Cubase Pro 9.5 and Logic Pro X but my favourite studio is the iPad Pro with GarageBand and Cubasis 2.6 and my iPhone 8 Plus with GarageBand.
    For me it’s a lot more fun and enjoyable using iOS in portable setups… especially for instrumentals..

  4. OMG!!! Wowzers!!!
    Pete mate, I'm so excited..
    I've just got the app and you've made it really comforting to learn about it. You have AMAZING ENERGY about what you do here on the Tube.. I'm feeling the passion plus your tips are easy peasy? Thanks for the video!

  5. Definitely sounded better after the plug in. Still trying to hear the subtleties of the various adjustments you made. How can you tell your track volume can compete with other songs?

  6. That sounded great! Great song, great voice, great performance! It's definitely radio ready! (And I have the whole FAC suite thanks to you, as well as several Positive Grid products) I have so many questions, but I'll keep it to two since I've been overloading you lately! 1. Is that a stereo track? Why is only one wave form? 2. I'm just about done with my first Final Touch master. Do you upload 16 or 24 bit masters to Distrokid? Do you think it matters? I noticed FT gives one the choice to export either way. Thanks again! Love your voice and your songs. Cheers!