Mi A1 (Android One) Review with Pros & Cons – Best Mid Range Smartphone?

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Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One Smartphone Review with Pros & Cons it runs on almost stock android and has dual camera setup. I divide the review between what I liked about the Mi A1 and what are the cons so that you can decide if this is the perfect mid-range smartphone for you.

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Mi A1 is sold in India via flipkart


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  1. Bro! EIS available by root access.

    And you need a hard reset as my touch ID is really fast (i.e., no need to touch, just tap it and it unlocks within 0.3 seconds appx)

    Coming from iOS it disappointed me with ads but AdClear took care of it.

    FM is available in #*#6484#*# so you may enable it with root access too.

    Battery drained quite a bit but it smoothened after 3 cycles.

  2. Hi, for Mi a1, i observed a slight hissing or background noise when you keep earphones and listen to any music at low volume. This sound persists for few seconds after music ends and then stops with a sudden beep sound. This is very less problematic but still noticeable at low volumes. It is not the problem with earphones as I checked with other earphones too. Can anyone suggest some solution please?

  3. 1. Does it support OTG pendrive, given that it has USB Type-C?
    2. Does it support quick charging, especially after Oreo update?
    3. I hope adapter and cable are separate for MiA1, and it can be easily connected to any laptop! What say?
    4. Should I wait for Redmi Note 5 (or whatever it may be called) as it's expected to release in January 2018 or should I go with MiA1!
    It's because I am not sure if I would like Stock Android, having used MIUI 8 (9 yet to come to Note 3)

    PLEASE ANSWER, and thus kindly help me!

    PS: Want to gift a mobile to girlfriend which has longevity & good camera(s), so you may suggest other relevant popular phones of reliable brands too!

  4. Hey Ranjit: I see that you mentioned that Mi has removed some small features like multi color notification led, some camera stuffs as compared and sold with a higher price. But there are some additional features in this one which Redmi Note 4 does not have. Some of them are A1 has dual band wifi which redmi note4 does not have, supports qualcomm fast charging, Gorilla glass which justifies the higher price

  5. Sir, please tell me which mobile is better in camera pont of view irrespective of that dslr effect, which gives more details and crisp colors, among MI A1 and MI 5

  6. Hi Ranjit, very clear & concise explanation and a great segmentation of both pros and cons of the device. Hope your message reaches out to MI for camera fix as early by its next update. Keep up your good work. Wishes.. Mukesh

  7. Hi Ranjit, first of all, thanks for the review. Your reviews are so professional covering all aspects which I really like. I am shooting this question as I plan to buy Mi A1. As the Android O for Mi A1 seems rolled out, do you still feel the camera of the Mi A1 still face issues in low light or does it do any better?