Mi A1 Android One Smartphone – Review

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Stylish metal smartphone with a powerful camera and long-work battery. First Xiaomi smartphones model with Android One operation system on board. The best combination of what do you like in Xiaomi smartphones and the benefits of Android.
Mi A1 is a result of effective collaboration of such big giants like Xiaomi and Google. This model has the famous Google apps. Just log in and you will be able to use all your favorite Google Photos, Google Play Music, Google Play Assistant.

0:14 – Smartphone Features
0:40 – Package Contents
0:56 – Camera
2:00 – Sound Amplifier
2:12 – CPU
2:46 – GPU & RAM Capacities
3:24 – Infrared Blaster
3:44 – Design
4:03 – Display
4:37 – Battery
4:52 – Conclusions

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  1. My BT not working exact aft a Month Aft Software Check #*#6484#*#
    Its a Hardware Problem.
    Lost faith In MI aft this Used Redmi Note3 for 2yrs+ No Problem but This new A1 Seems Not Good Choice

  2. Guys if u need update that you expected then u have to give feedback
    The major feedback issue will be provide through update
    Its a android one device so they definitely get response and update quickly

  3. Hii i can not give u my feedback from the feedback built in app that u have provided in the phone because images can not be attached in that app

    1.- I have problems like a very very long delay in searching any file in file manager

    2.-Can not copy any text from any app..please provide a feature so that we can copy any text from any where…by now, when we select text then after selection the copy and paste options are hidden below the Keypad & on pressing back selection is dissappeared

    3.-Cant pair ur remote app with my 32 inchi Crown led tv (image is attached for model number) and Videocon set top box (image is attached for model number)

    Hope  the sollution of issues in next update