Mi A1 vs Redmi Note 4 : Battery Charging Test !(Shocking Charging Speed of Mi A1)

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Xiaomi Mi A1 vs redmi Note 4 -Shocking Charging Speed of Mi A1 Charger. In this video we are looking for how long it takes to charge the Mi A1( Android One) verses Xiaomi redmi Note 4 .
The Mi A1 has smaller 3080mAh battery compare to the Redmi Note 4 which has a 4100mAh battery but we will see how much of an effect it actually has.
Me little sad after seeing the result?

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  1. Guys buy Lenovo k8 the perfect low range phone gets fully charged in 1.5 hrs while note 4 charger is worst takes 8 hrs to charge the phone and now it doesn't even charge it I had to order new charger which min. Take 3:30 hrs