Mi Redmi Note 4 ( 4Gb Vs 3Gb Ram)

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hey guys, i am comparing mi note 4 4gb variant with 3gb variant. Hope you guys like it. Thanks.


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  1. would u please tell me is it a launcher or a theme you are using in redmi note 4 4gb ram… version please sir tell me perfectly the name of the theme or the launcher you are using…

  2. Ram does not incrase speed only when you have dual triple quad octa chanell memory etc it will hold just more apps without reloading

  3. Thanks for the review. I was looking out for something like this. Perhaps a fairer test will mean that all the apps installed in both phones are the same, except for the RAM difference? But good job nevertheless 🙂

  4. tahnks for the review. The reason I would like to buy redmi note 4 is it has got band 20 and its great for Europe. I wanted leeco cool 1 before but it is missing that lte band. redmi note 4gb/64gb rom varian is 165 USD on aliexpress and redmi note 3gb/32gb rom variant is 147 usd. Do you really think 18 usd is worth to pay for 4gb variant?

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