Mingis on Tech: Android vs. iOS – How they stack up

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Android blogger JR Raphael and Apple expert Michael deAgonia get … animated, shall we say … as they tackle the basics of which mobile OS is better when it comes to security, updates, app stores, customization and innovation. Can there really be one winner?

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  1. Why does this not have more views?this is hands down the best android vs ios debate i have ever watched i love how you guys go in depth when talking about things like security,updates,appstores etc while in other comparison they will just say one has a complete advantage over the other. this was great and yes i agree you should do this ever year. you just got a new subscriber.

  2. I know several people who switched from the iPhone to Android, that ended up regretting the move and went back.
    They thought all the Android customization was more desirable, but quickly realized that it was nothing more then bells and whistles and found it complicated the user experience too much.