Mirroring iPhone , Android & MacBook on MI TV 4 /4A Smart LED TV

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In this video is a detailed step by step procedure to mirror your android phone using Miracast which is inbuilt in the Mi TV 4. Also included in the video is a simple way to Mirror (airplay) your iPhone, iPad & MacBook to the Mi TV 4.

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How to install Apps on the MI LED Smart TV 4/4A :

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  1. Paaji, I have become fan of your video content!!
    You have solved my ios mirroring. Great job bro. Bro any new app apk u have provided apart from the last update?? Kindly update

  2. Sir,after mi tv update i m facing jio tv laggy performance, it's not working fine…tried both jio tv beta ver and jio tv normal version (Mouse version) on both videos keep buffering again and again… Don't know what's the issue… plz give me solution of this issue…

  3. Hello Mr. Singh, Is there any way to rollback to previous patchwall version as the new version is very slow and 'only screen off' option is also disabled from the power off options

  4. You dont know what you just did for me!!!! I have been searching this the whole time since i bought my iphone!!!! You are literally amazing!!!!

  5. Bro, how you connect your home theatre or 4.1 or any sound to TV, because headphone jack output is too slow in TV check you have the same issue or not plz help? And why voice is too slow when I connect headphone or any home theatre into 3.5 mm jack

  6. Hello tech singh… recently i purchased mi tv 4a everything u showed worked very well but the problem is im nt able to play amazon prime videos from my iphone… n i made sure that i was on same internet connection as the tv is but also it is not working … pls tell me the solution

  7. Bro some video formats are not support mi TV 4a plz solution!
    I install VLC player on mitv4a all video formats are working fine but some times hangs on it

    so plz suggest best video player on mitv4a !!!!