Misleading & Annoying Things in iOS 11

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Misleading & Annoying things in iOS 11

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  1. What about when you send a text message and your apps show up in your text messages as shortcuts? I can delete all of them except the app store and it is so annoy!

  2. Certain things like the volume hud and camera settings are what makes me hate being an apple fanboy. Such simple fuckin fixes that have been done via jailbreak since its inception!

  3. I truly feel Apple should hire you, and let Jonny Ive retire. I’ve been frustrated by Bluetooth ever since I got a 2016 CR-V which incorrectly connects to it every time I step into it. I disconnect it with Bluetooth in Control Center, but must do it each time I drive to hear turn-by-turn directions from my iPhone instead of my car which doesn’t properly connect.

  4. How about TIMED DO NOT DISTURBED? It would be great to walk into an appointment and not have to remember to switch it off when leaving.

  5. I hate it when writing a text message to a contact I never messaged before completely disappears right before my eyes when unlocking / waking up the phone! Sometimes I get caught up doing something before hitting send and when I get back to that message I was writing, iOS bounces off the text to nowhere!!

  6. I love your videos…apple should really take into consideration the issues or suggestions that you make…anyways would it be possible to do a comparing battery test with other iphones as well like iphone se? I have one and ever since IOS 11 came up the battery life is crappy…no matter I am running now ios 11.1 beta 3…it is better but it is still bad. I do not know whether IOS identify which phone it is running on thus nit using services that due to the limitations of the device the user cannot use anyways..are they even care about se, 6s and 7 or they are just focusing on IPhone X and iphone 8…All in all personally I think this OS has been rushed way too many glitches and the new ways of being able to hack…this is supposed to be the safest OS, not like Android…if it continues like this Android will pull ahead….I hope battery life on other devices will get back to normal…I can only hope, because not all iphone owners have iphone 8 plus or iphone 7 plus….

  7. Yea I still don’t get the reason for Apple not making the switches in CONTROL CENTER, actually CONTROL the wireless radios, wtf

  8. The incoming call screen is annoying AF to me, especially when watching a video! Not being able to do anything but let it play out (if you choose not to answer) or decline and let the caller know you hung up on them. Should be a simple fix and one that I hope they will address in next patch/update.

  9. If you want 3D Touch multitasking to work from the right change the language to arabic i think apple made this depending on the language selection i speak arabic and english and when you type in English you start from left to right but when you type in arabic you start from right to left so maybe thats why