MIUI 6 Tips and Tricks. (Performed on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4g)

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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4g has recently received the MIUI 6 update officially and everyone is excited about the Same.

I too updated my device but found many bugs in the UI. We also get an upgrade in android version from V4.4.2 to V4.4.4 which is at least the latest version of Kitkat.
In this video, I covered some features of MIUI 6 but would be making the second part of this topic covering some more features.

UPDATE: More Videos are out regarding this topic. Please take a look at my channel for them!

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  1. I have updated MIUI I have RedMi 1S. Now I am facing some problems. 1. When I go to File explorer – phone the folders do not show date and size. 2. When I go to folder containing images, the image name does not show date and the size of image shown prior to file name is very small. Earlier it was clearly visible and bigger. 3. Whenever I download from say facebook or gmail earlier the the file used to be saved in download folder. Now it is being saved on internal storage in so many different folders like com.xxx in android folder. It becomes very difficult to find the file. Please inform if there is any setting to resolve it. Or can I revert back to earlier version. ?

  2. +magia sensei yes, I do notice a huge amount of lag sometimes, but this has started to happen since the last updated, really disappointed, But after I reboot the smartphone, It starts to behave normal…

  3. Bro my online wallpaper doesn't works it shows can't connect to the network and I'm always connected with WiFi and plse put a multiplayer gameplay of modern combat 5 blackout scramble with better performance