More iPhone SE 2 Leaks: Glass Back & Space Gray Colorway!

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More renders show of an iPhone X-iPhone SE crossover device that is becoming an increasingly more likely reality.

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  1. one question i got as a iPhone se 2017 edition user ! why does apple supply a power on and off button ? . apple act like the screen isnt touch ( maybe old habit die hard?)

  2. Nice video as always ??
    Honestly I think ? the price point if an SE couldn’t deliver us such design improvements. Even that I’m also hyped as fuck by all these leaks. The low price just couldn’t change so much. Just think about what they did with the iPhone 8/8+. It’s a 650$ device and look at the features it has. Same features with a better display I can’t think of for 350 bucks :/
    The technology of the leaks is in my opinion too expensive for a low cost device :/
    Bro possible to get such a settings icon T-shirt?

  3. Honestly, it’s too good to be true, I would definitely sell my 8+ and buy it.
    Either it doesn’t exist or apple will release a complete new lineup of 3 phone sizes during the september event. Every phone would have the same kind of screen just different sizes for different prices.

  4. lol why did Apple design this product and why am I still using it? Good question. Having the mouse charge on a dock would be cool but you wouldn't be able to use it. Oh well.

  5. woow leaks getting cool… based on leaks i confirm that iphone will surely release this year some leaks it going to launch in November… nd all… 2nd thing… previous leaks were iphone se 2018 will carry same size and that old Iphone se models Cases will also fit… so the case makers would easily produce… nd make case faster production coz of same old model….

    but abt the headphone jack and glass back!!!… we need some more leaks ??

  6. Hello sam i need your advice please??. I'm going to buy a macbook for starting a consulting business and for managing social media as a side job. So I'd use final cut for video editing, Lightroom for photo and maybe another program. What would you recommend would be best for my (future) needs. 15 inc or 13 inch? And if you could give me your best MacBook configuration ??

  7. I think they should just do it and emoji’s are amazing because then I don’t have to get the iPhone X I can get the SE two or SE mini whatever they call it and it will have all screen and Face ID then I don’t have to pay $1000 for a phone to do that plus I need a new phone anyways because my Google pixel drains battery and joy just drains battery like a mofo

  8. It will NOT have a headphone jack…that PORT is dead in as far as phones go. Takes up too much space and there is zero need for it on a phone anymore. Wireless charging or not a glass glass does make sense. If done right this phone will sell like hot cakes. Phablet phone days are numbered. I want the SE2 like

  9. I hope the chassis is the same so I can keep my current case (Element Case Sector 5). Nearly all cases I've seen are ugly, at least to me. With AirPods (or similar), a headphone jack is nearly obsolete. Looking forward to seeing the new phone.

  10. I dissagree because there would never be an low end iphone that will have the same damn design and feature as the high end one apple is so stupid if they do that. They just update the chip and other internals or glass back because it just kills the iphone 8 sales. Maybe you should be more careful reporting this leak to us so people don’t expecting too high on upcoming iphone. that’s why people are always disapointed on new iphones they’re expecting too much

  11. If that’s the Iphone SE true design, i’m getting it, i will sell my Iphone X and go back to the size phone a phone is meant to be. I mean, for youtube and surfing i have my Ipad at home, so wy should i bother carrying such a big phone with me al the time? A phone that is not perfect to handle, doesn’t fit all of my pockets and is made a bit to wide, the Iphone 5s was the last phone i really enjoyed to carry with me, and if Apple decides to give there smallest device an almost all screen design, i’m buying it!

  12. I m not a very big fan of Notch thing in a smartphone but i would rather like Iphone to have a Home Button? with a Bigger Screen say 5inch.. btw what will be price of SE2? I may buy it if it's below $400..☺

  13. Iphone se 2 is meant to be a "budget-friendly" option so I doubt about glass back. It's not there flagship so I don't believe about wireless charging and why would it have it anyways. Remember Apple can't make one phone with massively better values than there others phones, it won't be beneficial to them

  14. The se in my opionion was the perfect size, if they can produce a full screen display with a notch, congratulations you have created the best form factor ever designed, however I am a huge Android fan, and wish there was a iPhone se sized Android device :/