Moto E4 Plus vs Redmi Note 4 (32GB) Fingerprint & *SPEED TEST* (E4+ beats RN4 is RAM Management!)

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Can Moto E4 Plus beat the mighty Redmi Note 4? To make this test fair, I have chosen the 3GB RAM variant of RN4, the price is just 1000 Rs extra.

It’s obvious that RN4 is a more capable smartphone, Snapdragon 625 is twice as fast as the MediaTek 6737. So the XIaomi handset excels in the speed test but in RAM management- the new Motorola smartphones exhibit excellent performance surprisingly- even comparable to flagships like Galaxy S8+. Watch the video till the end!

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  2. Lol u stupid! Mi mobile runs on snapdragon 625 processor its obvious it will be faster than that of mediatek. You really don't have to do this pathetic tests. In 10000/- this is the best smartphone u can get. Love the battery and the android.

  3. All your videos on One plus 5T really helps a lot…But since the phone don't have any default Radio and Music player…Can you please suggest me to which applications should I download from play store for such features.??
    Thanks in advance