Moto G5 VS Redmi Note 4 Camera Comparison with Samples

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Moto G5 Camera Comparison with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with camera and video samples side-by-side so that you can compare and judge which one has better camera performance.

Moto G5 Unboxing & Overview

Redmi Note 4 Review


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  1. hello sir..
    i am bt confusing in three set.

    1. Redmi note4.
    2. honor 6.
    3. Nubia n1.

    these all three sets are in budget range phones and alll are having good specifications.. in compariaon to these three is is betyer in terms of all.. the things like camera, game, control, ram, processor… plzzz reply

  2. in comparison even i felt moto g5 camera response was better , but one thing i want to ask is that while trying to check the moto g5 in the showroom i felt the moto g5 heats only even in 3 minutes of vedio recording, does it happens in general ? or moto g5 does heat while much while using camera ,please do tell !!

  3. Hello sir,
    I really appreciate the video which you made, but thing which I figured out was, when you were recording the video with the Redmi note 4 it was not focusing on the object that may be because of the options in the camera settings it's by default tap to focus on Xiaomi devices instead of continuous auto focus thankyou

  4. Moto G5 Has a better camera compared to Redmi Note 4…The
    Pictures are captured from the mi note 4 Are highly oversaturated..where the Moto G5 has correct and natural colours…I'm rating to Moto G5 interms of camera department..

  5. Moto g5 is far better than redmi note 4…Compare Camera …moto g5 pictures are more vibrant and natural…Mi Note 4 Pictures Are Over Exposed and saturated…moto and samsung are Almost same Camera Quality…