Moto One Vision Review | Essential Android One?

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Review of Motorola’s Moto One Vision smartphone, its latest 2019 Android One device boasting a 21:9 display like Sony’s Xperia 10. With an upgraded 48MP primary camera, slender design and stock Android experience, is the Moto One Vision a strong alternative to the G7 Plus and other rivals like Samsung’s Galaxy A50? I’ve been testing it as my personal handset for a week now (check out my full unboxing) and here’s my in-depth thoughts.

Motorola is still a serious player around the mid-range to budget end of the mobile market and this new phone boasts a comfortable grip, clean UI and strong performance thanks to the Exynos processor. However, despite being called the One Vision, this Moto’s camera chops aren’t too strong. The autofocus has issues and I prefer the features and end results from competitors. Likewise, I prefer the super-long battery life of the Moto G7 Power compared with this 3500mAh mobile.

So are you tempted by the Vision, which costs £269 here in the UK – it’s better than the Moto One in some respects, and a step back in others.


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  1. Gorgeous phone. Ordered one for my wife. May not be the best but it´s sleek desing , premium materials and great ergonomics made me decided for this one.

    Great review

  2. as a competitor, Nokia 8.1 looks unfortunately so cheap and the wide notch makes pulling down the notification area so cumbersome, they should fix all that with a pop up camera

  3. Hello and thank you for the analisys. Compared to other smartphones with different screen proportions, is web browsing any good? I'm worried about facing small letters and would really like to know, please. Thank you.