Moto Z Force Droid vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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We’re comparing the Moto Z Force Droid vs the Galaxy S7 edge. Two formidable smartphones, two rivals, ready to battle it out, with their grand prize being your hard-earned cash. Who’s going to win?

Moto Z Force Droid vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge:

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  1. if the Samsung is anything like the z force … they are both shit ! z force is the worst phone since the razor.JUNK! I have an s6 for a work phone and it's junk too … buy an htc

  2. it is also shatterproof. it survived a forklift driving over it. with a better camera and moto mods. there is more you can do with this phone. way to leave out half of its perks

  3. Say what you want I will be able to upgrade my moto force z in the future using only mods while with other phones you'll be forced to upgrade the entire phone. You didn't make one point to me as everything that you don't like about the moto there's a mod for and more coming

  4. The one feature I hate that they both took away. wireless display enabling via WiFi direct. Wireless display to a smart TV WITHOUT Chromecast or a fire stick. thus allowing one to avoid bad wifi and stream to a larger screen mirroring via 4G data

  5. UGH. motor should have made a Droid Ultra Maxx V2. that phone is much older than my s8 and the speaker is still better!!! wtf way to skip out on the shitty audio Samsung. the shitty bottom speaker not only can't come clear to the volume but also the quality. So frustrating to listen to YouTube videos with great visual but shitty audio quality. I'm literally debating on returning this s8 plus because of this. makes me want to wait out this shitty round of phones. Droid ultra maxx was the best jack of all trades phone in it's time.

  6. I re ally don't give a damn about what the phone can do because at the end of the day it's just a phone and I don't want an ugly ass phone in my hand