Moto Z2 Force vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Speed Test!

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Moto Z2 Force vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Speed Test! Apps opening, games, web browsing, camera, fingerprint scanner, multitasking, specs and more!


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  1. @ Robert Alexander, I feel the same way. He tried ( slight of hand!) We saw him move first on Moto first! Then start moving his hands so as not to get caught!! "FAKE ASS TEST!!"

  2. These guy sucks hes choosing the right side more than the left like u can clearly see hes clicking the moto phone faster smh

  3. Moto for me I still have the Turbo 2 and no cracked screen after 2 years and no Case sure the sides are dinged up I hate a bulky case and I do drop my phone offen so for me it's a Moto

  4. This didn't surprise me as the Motorola has fast processors but runs really standard simple android. It maybe boring but if you want really fast snappy phone then standard android is the way.

  5. All you retards hating on Samsung because you can't afford a teir 1 phone. No way is this phone can compete. I like the phone tho and its unique design , but I have the s8 plus and it is also unique in its design. I thought the s6 was the best phone I ever had until I got the s8. It's smooth and I can give 2 fucks about bloat ware. The fact remains…samsung is king!

  6. This guy Is such a fanboy. He pressed apps earlier on the moto and when the Galaxy opened the camera wayyyy faster, he didn't say a word. And, apart from that, when the Galaxy took pictures faster he just said "the Galaxy Is a bit faster at taking pictures"

  7. My last four phones have been Motorola, and i had much older ones. My girlfriend's had Galaxy's since the S3. Samsungs are decent & have a great display screen, but the motos are always way better phones. Even my Z2 play is all around way better then her S8 and it costs half the price