Motorola Droid 2 vs Samsung Epic 4G Part 2

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Motorola Droid 2 vs Samsung Epic 4G Dogfight

Motorola Droid 2 Review by Aaron

Motorola Droid 2 Review – Unboxing and Hands on

Samsung Epic 4G Review by Noah

Samsung Epic 4G Hands On

Motorola Droid 2 Info

Samsung Epic 4G Info

Battle of the BlackBerry Beaters? Droid 2 and Epic 4G square off in a fight between two QWERTY packing Android heavyweights. Noah referees.

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  1. what I hate about Samsung is they keep trying to be iPhone: shapewise and ugh, touchwiz wise. it's so bad.

    iPhone design is inarguably very good. Samsung copies, and does not do a good job with it. plasticky, ugly protruding camera, unwieldy size and shape. Samsung thinks the four capacitive buttons that hides in plain sight after some time is a good idea, but really, you don't want to be guessing where the buttons are.

    most of the D2's limitations are software. and we have xda-dev for that

  2. I have the droid 2 global and my step brother has the epic 4G, we have both messed with eachothers phone and we both prefer the droid 2. LOL, he is already making plans to switch to verizon and get the droid. I LOVE DROID 2!!!!!

  3. okay noah when you say the epic blows through things quicker..let me see why? uh 4g speeds of the epic to 3g speeds on the droid 2..hmmm that maybe why it moves fast right

  4. @youaintshyytt then the epic gets the lagfix which converts it's file system to EXT4 which it should have used and gets 2100 Quadrant scores (non-overclocked). The epic 4G is a much more powerful phone, please do not use quadrant as it is inaccurate, use smartbench or benchmark.

  5. @pjaxy i don't know what your talking about but i happen to think that Samsung is doing a very good job with their latest phones. i have the epic and i love it over every phone i've ever messed around with, including the iPhone..

  6. @candiemandie08 hey just reading ppl comments about different phones. umm if i was on verizon id get the htc thunderbolt if your so use to touch screen its a really good phone..oh and get the extended battery life and your good to go 2 cents. im looking to get a sprint phone some tiem this summer

  7. My Epic will eat a Droid 2 any day of the week. 2.2.1 custom built from the ground up, dual boot, 1.4 ghz, undervolted, 22 hr battery life under moderate use, custom kernel, ext4 on a class 6 sd, voodoo sound AND color, hardware hacked keyboard, and 3d display drivers – 67 fps, 1886/2983 sb2011, 3228 quadrant, 27 mflops on linpack average. Droid 2 can't touch it. Not even close.

  8. Well I have had both phones and from experince I would take the droid 2 any day!! The keybord on the epic is ockward and the battery life just sucks! It takes 4 hours 2 charge the epic's battery vs 1 1/2 with the droid 2 and it drains faster oh and if I'm mispelling words blame that on there is no prediction text on the qurk keyboard 4 the epic vs the droid 2 over all droid 2 hands down!!!