Motorola Droid Turbo vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Comparison Smackdown

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Lisa Gade compares the Motorola Droid Turbo and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android smartphones on Verizon. Check out our video review of the Motorola Droid Turbo at:
Check out our written review of the Motorola Droid Turbo at:
Check out our video review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at:
Check out our written review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at:


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  1. I lovveeee the S pen I do a lot of instagram posting and being apple to zoom in and use the S pen to edit small areas in the photo and draw .. just makes it a winner over any big screen phone

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Your reviews are almost perfect every time . There is one point to mention on laptops and phones that I would like to see tested more.

    That is audio quality test. Bass treble.

    Can you please include this test in reviews.

    Love your work


  3. So there's NEVER clear winners anymore? How boring, why even have phone "battles"/ comparison. If they all end like, but if you like ios or android, if you like bigger screen or brighter ones. Just make a 2min video and say that.

  4. I have had both phones and both are great. But seriously, the Turbo is the better phone. The battery life is insane and the Motorola features are awesome. However ultimately I sold both and went back to my M8. The Turbo was incredibly heavy, heavier than the Note 4. Also the capacitive buttons are a bit antiquated. And the nylon backing was cool at first and then it just felt weird.

  5. You can do the wave thing to see notifications on the Note like the Droid – just go to settings to enablle it. you can also trigger Google now by voice with the screen off. Regardless, i hate both these phones…absolute junk!

  6. It's crazy I'm actually in this dilema . Next Friday I'm going to Verizon for an upgrade and these 2 phones are the 2 I have too chose from. I consider these 2 more future proof than the Moto X spec wise , not a knock to the X tho cause i know it's a great phone .

  7. Great job comparing their ability to pick up a signal.  That is pretty important to me and something that nobody else includes in their reviews.  

  8. the note 4 pen is useless UNLESS you have fat and slow fingers. plus the pen wont keep up even if you write at normal speeds. the pen is just a gimmick imo. 

    also if both phones have similar resolution but the droid has a much bigger battery id expect the note which is even bigger to run out of battery very fast.

  9. Bigger is not always better. The Droid fits nicely in my pocket, I don't know if the Samsung will.
    While the Samsung might have some nice features the Droid doesn't have, Samsung has more bloatware than the Droid as Samsung likes to create their own apps instead of using Google's.
    Also, the Droid is quicker to get Android updates than Samsung.
    So, if you don't need those extra Samsung features, go with the Droid – it's a great Android phone