Motorola DROID Turbo vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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There is no other match for the DROID Turbo in the market, but Samsung’s freshly-brewed Note 4 mega-monster, which in its turn sports a larger, 5.7” QHD screen, also an 805 chipset, and an optically-stabilized 16 MP shooter. That is why are pitting the two current Android champions in the cage, and making sure there are no under-the-belt punches…


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  1. Believe it or not Samsung phones are the best for multitasking, I have tried apple which I can't even bring for comparison in this. But even other android phones. I mean which phone handles multi tasks better than Samsung. People always complain about touch wiz, but it comes with a lot of inbuilt features which no other phone offers. Moreover the design now is very good now not like most other phones who have complete metal body with no external memory option and no access to the battery, what do we do with a piece of metal which restrict the use.

  2. Note 4 is like to be a naked toy
    Please samsunng dont be silly like those products..
    Droid torbo very primium
    I think its now better than htc.. And sony.. I phone..
    We are waiting for htc m9

  3. It is always the same thing pocket now mentioned that after one month of use the note 4 started having lag/studder as well as freezes. My friend bought the Note 4 and she is returning it, she mentioned it was horrible and going to get the nexus 6 or droid turbo. Which both are great IMO.

  4. Honestly TouchWiz on the Note 4 can be ugly (at times) but its a good software. I'd rather go with the Droid Turbo simply because it runs the latest, purest stock Android to date so I'll have the fastest, smoothest experience on a smartphone. And a lot of people don't like the look of the Turbo but I think it looks awesome. It has that stealthy, industrial look and feel to it. Much sturdier than the Note 4. I also like that it has that curve build on the back, it feels good on the palm and I've held both phones in my hand and trust me, the Turbo feels a lot better in hand. And I don't really care much for camera quality, but that 21MP camera sure does sound good to me. Now I have to admit, the Note 4 is really cool with its features and all, but I for one am a heavy user so I need a big battery and a fast processor so for me, the winner is the Droid Turbo. But hey, who am I to tell you what to get. Its you're guys' decision which phone you like better.

  5. I agree I have a Note 4 and I love the features, more than the Iphone 6 .  I just hope Lollipop will fix the clunkiness of Android or maybe it's a Samsung thing.

  6. I still like my Note 4 over Moto Maxx the s-pen it is somenthig awesome drawings and so many things, my respects to Motorola on the battery and charger and other aspects from this phone.

  7. One thing missed about the droid turbo that I love about mine is the turbo charger. I feel it plays a HUGE role in the comparison because how can you go wrong with 8 hours in 15 minutes?

  8. demand for the photo quality on magnified photo for tearing or noise.
    dont think motorola will lose on quality, colour tone can be adjust easily, no meaning choosing a camera with better colour brightness, rather than a one with clear and higher detailed picture

  9. I have the Motorola, my wife the Note 4. I wish he would have discussed the better battery life of the Motorola AND the fact that Samsung is not compatible with ALL Bluetooth devices, which can be very problematic. For instance my new Sony car radio…

  10. the note 4 is made for the purse with gimmicks such as the pen and a beautiful body.
    as someone that goes to the gym that flimsy looking big phone isnt gonna work. so what if it has the better camera by a little and is better looking (unless you put a case over it then it wont even matter). 

  11. i have a turbo and it is for sure one hell of a phone. i've had it for about 4 months and everything still runs like i just took it out of the box. the battery life is crazy (I'm a high school sophmore who is on it all the time) either way you go its a win. both phones have the best tech available

  12. Droid turbo 5.2" 565 ppi quad HD display, 3900maH battery

    Galaxy note4 5.7" 515ppi quad HD display and 3250maH battery
    Lol nice try Samsung

  13. As a proud owner of a 2012 Droid Razr that's still kickin, I'll only go with the Turbo or Turbo II available tomorrow. I trust Motorola, they've been making phones longer than anyone else, they invented the cell phone, they know their shit. Droids get the job done without the flashy gimmicks most others love to tout.

  14. Note 4 if you love to a lot of artistic and productive stuff while the Turbo can handle pretty much most of what the note 4 can just minor differences the athlete and gym user would love the Droid Turbo more.