Motorola DROID Turbo vs Samsung Galaxy S5

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Ah, nothing like getting two of the strongest Android smartphones around and staging a cage match between them! Thankfully, that’s exactly what we do for a living these days, and with manufacturers continuing to present us with such mind-blowing powerhouses like the just-released Motorola Droid Turbo, it seems like there will always be worthy, new contenders for us to put in the ring.


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  1. the only thing holding me back on the droid turbo is the brightness level comparing to the S5. I do a lot of night reading on my phone especially on reddit which I probably use 90% of the time for, so I need a screen that really dims.  The droid turbo sucks ass compared to the S5, which almost goes to completely pitch black. I might wait till the S6. I really wanted this phone though

  2. You being modest, the turbo camera is better if you want more filter options download pics art, or photo shop.. I been using multi window features since 2010 an app name super video now known as Gplayer. This is where Samsung got the idea. I use floating apps which also give me more multi tasking options as well. None of this stuff was new, that's why I never jumped on the hype train.

  3. Had the Turbo for about 4 week. Was using the phone the other night, it shut off at 47%. I plugged it into a charger and it showed that it was charging from 47%, I took it off the charger and it shut off. The phone will only stay on if plugged into charger. I called verizon and they said it must be a faulty battery after running several tests with tech support. Has anyone else experienced this? 

  4. Why didn't he mention the fingerprint reader or the heart rate monitor or the S Health app which can count your steps… and the galaxy s5 Does Not shoot 4K… it shoots 2K video. Now I'm wondering if the droid turbo actually shoots 2K video too, I better Google that right now

  5. Just returned my turbo and went back to the Maxx. Everything about the Turbo is great except you cannot do data and voice at the same time. One feature I do not want to give up. It is impossible to do both with the Turbo unless it is making a voip call to another volte phone. It is a hardware thing. Huge mistake to take such a backwards step.

  6. I have both devices. The S5 was the first device I ever bought not made by Motorola (I had to by a new device between the launch of the S5 and the Turbo). I am a huge Motorola bigot, and I really enjoy their partnership with google. That being said, I could never recommend the turbo over the Galaxy Sx.
    Turbo pros

    More resolution on primary camera
    Better memory model
    Better processor
    Turbo charging
    Built in wireless charging
    Better resolution and graphics engine
    Ballistic shell, while adding to the already sizable turbo, feels good without a case
    Supposed better battery life

    S5 pros
    IR blaster
    Removable battery
    SDHC support
    Fingerprint recognition
    True water resistant rating

    The S5 list seems pretty lame, except virtually every zippy the pin head advantage of the turbo is tough to see. The extra resolution on the camera is overkill on a phone, which has the inherent problems of thin cameras. The 3GB memory model is great, but 2GB was never a problem for me. I know the processor is faster, but have yet to experience it. The resolution is higher, but at some point, the human eye just can't tell. I personally use my battery and have not found the turbo to have that huge an advantage. The turbo charging us the best, but you will have to replace your chargers. This cost me $120: home, office, car and travel. The S5 feels much thinner. I do not live alone and can never find my two identical remotes. The IR blaster is finicky about how you point it, but I never lose it. The kicked for me is the lock screen camera and the obligatory google bar. The google bar could be an icon and let me put more icons per page. If you don't use it, the space is wasted. The camera with a locked screen is a safety and privacy nightmare that I overcame, but many of my customers do not accept the kludge, or the gym, or some businesses, etc. Finally, the inability to program the pull down menu on the turbo is a huge disservice. Personally, I want setup, WiFi, Data, and location services. You may not agree, but on the turbo you can't change it. I love the Motorola brand and a few aspects of the turbo, but unless lolipop really helps the turbo, I am stuck using the Samsung (that sounded worse than it is).

  7. Hi, ive recently been looking to get a new phone and at first i was looking at the iphone 6, but i like the customization on android and was wondering if you could help me out. my choices are galaxy s6, droid turbo and maybe the droid maxx. If yall could help me, i would greatly appreciate it!

  8. I currently have an s5 with an extra 32gb memory card. trying to decide if the droid turbo 1 with 64 gb is a better choice. my Samsung is good but on surface the Droid is far superior. I play graphic intense Gamez on s5