Motorola Droid X2 vs Samsung Droid Charge vs HTC Incredible 2

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We have it everyone!

The 3 biggest names currently in Android. Well at least for the Verizon Wireless Network. Motorola Droid x2, Samsungs Droid Charge and the HTC Incredible 2. Now I will be doing a review on each phone separately but for that you will have to say tune.

This video is for everyone that is undecided about which Android they want. So with this video, I hope this helps your choice. I can tell you right now they all bring something very big to the table!



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  1. Trying to figure out how to make the charge output hdmi and its not working. I managed it on a friends samsung tv. Is it really going to come down to connecting to another samsung tv? That seems shallow

  2. Kornastesgood: I took our test Charge and hooked it to my Sony TV with no problem, are you on the correct imputs for your TV? I should work on any TV that supports HDMI!

  3. Charge doesn't gave enough battery life and the Incredable 2 doesn't offer anything special. I'm thinking about getting the Droid x2… btw no 4g in my city. Should I?

  4. Just letting you know before you make the same mistake i did. The droid x2 SUCKS!
    When i first got it activated it was very quick but after about an hour with it kept freezing and lagging very bad! If it keeps this up i will be going to the droid incredible 2!

  5. +1. The dual core chip is bottlenecked by the RAM. The X2 only has 512mb of RAM. That is not enough for a dual core chip (dual core chips actually consume more ram than single core chips). After motoblur, there is only slightly more ram than in the original droid 1. I returned my x2 for an incredible 2 and haven't looked back. Would have gotten the charge but I wasn't eligible for a 4g phone (early customer service upgrade).

  6. I researched for a month and went with the Droid X2. 4g is coverage is very limited and X2 dual core makes up for it. This is a multitasker. Screen is beautiful. Brighter then Thunderbolt. Build is soild and Motorola Car dock is awesome!! No car dock for Charge.

  7. Droid x2 sucks!
    I have had so many problems with it!
    I should be getting my droid incredible 2 on monday!
    Cant wait to send this crap back!

  8. @TechTalkWithJay hey jay can you do a video of a speed test of droidx2 vs. samsung charge please. or just tell me?. also, between those 2 phones which battery life is better.

  9. @MrPlemmutzz I would say that all three really are great. I have used each one and I will tel you i went with the Droid Charge, the reason being is I personally liked the UI more then the others. I could take any one of these and be totally happy, but since I had a choice I went with the Charge!

    Hope this helps!

  10. Great review. I was comparing 4 phones to decide: these 3 plus the HTC ThunderBolt.

    I hate that OEMs have to f up a nice platform w bloatware. Some reviews have said that Motorola's Droid X2 was so bogged down w Motorola's "Motorola Application Platform" that it was sluggish even with dual cores. Pathetic if it's true.

    I currently have a free trial of the Nexus S by Samsung on Sprint: a completely pure Androind 2.3 Gingerbread w 1GHz . After my 30 days, I'll resume w Verizon.

    No skins!

  11. Inc2 is actually the smart choice. Hardware identical to Thunderbolt. But the battery is more like a berry. Phone just sits real nice n ya hand.

  12. The Droid charge is. A 4g version of Samsung fascinate its slow and was a scam by Samsung yo even release it the is great but out of the 3 the dx2 is the more future proof don't be scammed and by a charge they don't pick up that great

  13. Consider this thinking about getting one of these: will you get future updates? Samsung and Motorola are known for horrible updates…the inc2 is upgradeable to 2.3.4 and later this year ice cream sandwich, will the other two get it? No.

  14. Thanks for putting this up! I have dropped my Incredible2 one too many times, and am going to replace it with a used phone. I've been debating between the x2 and the charge. They both look good!