Motorola Moto G8 | Unboxing & Tour

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Unboxing the standard Moto G8, one of the more affordable smartphones in Motorola’s G8 family, costing £180 in the UK. This hands-on tour shows you all of the specs, tests out the camera tech, and reveals all the best bits of the Motorola Moto G8 – one of the best sub-£200 budget phones of 2020?

Well, if you want a dependable everyday blower and aren’t fussed about two-day battery life, the G8 seems like a good choice compared with the Power Lite. You get the same 720p display, but that chipset is upgraded to a Snapdragon 665 and you also have Bluetooth 5 support. Plus, the camera packs Motorola’s AI smarts and a wide-angle lens for a different view.

Performance is still quite basic, so you’ll be limited as far as gaming goes. PubG Mobile will run, but you’ll need to keep it on low detail levels and you can expect the occasional stutter.

Still, while battery life is limited on the Motorola Moto G8, compared with those Power phones, you should still happily get a full day of use per charge. Check out my unboxing videos with the rest of the G8 series, and my full comparison is coming a couple of days after this!


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  1. My dad just bought this for my mum because she has had a HTC desire for around 5 years and luckily because I love your channel it was very easy to choose the right phone for her!