Motorola Moto Z / Force vs Samsung Galaxy S7 / Edge

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How does the Moto Z and it’s Moto Mods stack up against one of Samsung’s finest? Find out in our comparison!

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  1. Trusting a LENOVATED MOTO is really difficult. I think with better display better features and better camera ; the s7 has an edge over moto z.

  2. I have own every Samsung galaxy s series phone since the beginning, and when they came out with the stupid, gimmicky curved edge I took pause, it was really dumb, and really desperate. I'm not a little kid, and of course would not want a curved screen, so for the first time, I walked away from Samsung, and went with the Moto Z force…and I've never looked back.
    So happy that this happened because I would never have known what I was missing. galaxy was nice, but the z force is a serious Android device.
    Samsung has lost millions of customers because of their pathetic curved glass, and now with the s8 they won't even be offering a flat screen version..this is the beginning of the end for Samsung and smartphones…every single person ik has walked away from Samsung because of it, and millions more have also..but it ended up being a blessing because I was introduced to a real Android device, and will never go back to Samsung.

  3. Motorola is so underrated. my aunt has been using Motorola since 5 years ago. And now she is still using Motorola which is her first Motorola phone. this means Motorola lasted her 5 years and still staying strong. Samsung battery and life span sucks. totally switching to Motorola.