Motorola One Action review

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Motorola One Action’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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  1. I'm considering this because I got a Moto G Power to replace my lost Nokia 6.1 and didn't find out until I got home that the G has not NFC 🙁 .

  2. I love this phone, espcially when it is on sale at Amazon, for $229.00. It should be delivered today. I had the exact same phone stolen from me a couple of months ago, and basically been using an Obama phone in the mean time. Though the Obama phone is truly an amazing phone for zero money, it has its limitations, so I will be very happy to get this phone again with all its features etc.

  3. Nah it is you. Don't bother me at all. Jus bought for 200 which is a steal and a great phone.

    Colour and video is great. WTH is this guy talking about?

    Only gripe is battery, but it will last all day.

    And runs Android 10 😁

  4. I just bought it and the camera is absolutely nothing to be excited about. I don't know why, but mine has super like blotchy soft edges and everything is super dull and unclear. It's absolutely horrible. Worse than my huweii honor x6 that I just got rid of. It doesn't even compare to the selfies he took in this review. Don't get why. Maybe something wrong with mine

  5. Having this Motorola Action One for 3 months after trading my Pixel 2. Love this phone so much. It has all I need while it is cheap as well ($230 from Best Buy). Battery lasts for two days even I watched YouTube and Amazon Prime daily, plus checking email surfing internet.

  6. I am in the US and recently picked up the Motorola One Action unlocked to replace my Motorola G6 Play (Verizon). The selfie cam within the screen does not bother me at all. The tall aspect ratio is not a bother at all either. For $250 it is hard to beat the performance of this phone in my opinion. This is my fourth Motorola phone in a row.

  7. I guess it's how you use the phone? I haven't had any battery issues, there have been updates since this review, this device is great for me 😌 the back of the phone is beautiful! Wish I knew what song is playing in the background. Great review 👍

  8. Did Motorola ever patch the issue with 21:9 videos on apps like Netflix? I’ve read a lot of complaints about how you get a black bars because Netflix doesn’t recognize the 21:9 aspect ratio