Motorola One Fusion+ full review

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The Moto One Fusion+ is a neat mid-ranger that’s worth a closer look. In this full review, we take a look at its top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Hands-on Design and build
1:00 6.5″ Total Vision display with a pop-up selfie
2:02 3.5mm jack & FM radio
2:10 Speaker test
2:25 Battery life with 5,000mAh battery & charging speed
2:48 Snapdragon 730 performance
3:04 Software: Android 10 and the custom Moto app
3:47 Camera performance and samples
5:10 Low light camera performance and samples
5:42 Video recording
6:24 Selfies
6:44 Conclusion

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  1. Bought one, no compass. It completely let me down looking for a train station :(. This not something to leave out im going to return it.

    Maybe its different by region, all indian review mention it. None of the English reviewers do

  2. Worst presentation by the lady. Her voice is so low and without any modulations. On the top of it, the background music is such a bad choice that it interferes/overlaps some of her words. I gave up watching it mid way. Never expected such a crass presentation from gsmarena.

  3. Thanks for the review.

    If possible can you please help me with the following info.

    Do it has build int Call Recording s/w or Do it support any 3rd party apps for call recording. (As my current moto phone does not so non of it 🙁 ).


  4. Is there a possibility of a followup review for the newer North American version of the phone? The moto website seems to indicate the NA version is being downgraded to 4gigs ram, and I'm interested how this will impact performance.

  5. Interestingly enough, I have come from not liking your channel to really appreciating the uniqueness of it. You review phones, that lots of others don’t, sadly.. because it’s hard to find a good review of a nice mid ranger from Xiaomi or realme.

    And also, you aren’t parrots like so many other reviewers who just repeat after MKBHD and mrwhosetheboss.

    Gread work ✌️👍👍👍 thank you.