Motorola One Fusion+ Review: Watch Before You Buy!

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Motorola recently made a comeback of sort in the sub-20k price segment with the new Motorola One Fusion+. Well, we weren’t planning on reviewing it, but a lot of you guys commented asking us for the review, so here it is. This is our Motorola One Fusion+ review.

In the review, we test the phone’s display, cameras, battery, charging, speed test, PUBG, call quality, connectivity and more.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Things I Like About the Phone
5:08 Things I am “Okay” With
10:00 Things I Don’t Like

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  1. Moto g5s was literally the last good looking phone from Motorola. I would rate the Moto X turbo 10 on 10 ! Such a masterpiece both internally & externally. Then came the legendary revolution the Moto G5/G5 plus .

  2. Can someone suggest a good quality tempered glass for this device. I checked Amazon and flipkart and all the screen protectors I found have bad reviews and ratings.

  3. Problem is, Hot spot devices gets disconnected when on recieve or making calls. And also there is no previous/back icon , this makes dificult in using any app or browsing internet.

  4. I'm using the same phone from over 15 days,the blue color one and it's pretty cool then the white,but haven't faced any issues with the Phone… I'm quite more impressed then expected the buil quality seems to be solid, Battery gives a very huge backup,even while gaming… Overall it's a beast phone

  5. Phone :- Motorola one fusion plus
    In this phone it's been 3,4 days I had ordered it from Flipkart and in this phone alarms/songs/and all sounds switching automatically from main speaker (down one) to upper small one and after some time again to main one.
    If anybody having this phone faced this thing or know solution for it please tell .

  6. Good video, explanations! But Fusion+ without compass, no magnetometer sensor?!!! It is a very important feature/sensor that help the navigation under instable signals or under aggressive environments! So is it still FUSION technology .. when Moto are removing sensors ??? Sad about this Moto decision!

  7. Thanks for speaking English as per the title… unlike other co-national of yours. Good review and i liked that you let us hear the speakers' volume

  8. Man what the fuck… Thiss phone doesn't have a compass?? Google maps would be a trouble,you can't locate where you're facing… Still i have ordered it because I'm getting it at 16000,i don't have an sbi credit card so sadly no more discount