Motorola One Zoom Review | The Ultimate One?

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Review of Motorola’s One Zoom smartphone, the most premium Moto One handset boasting a quad-lens camera, OLED screen and stock Android OS. It’s not an Android One mobile confusingly, unlike the Vision and Action, but it’s a step up in terms of features, specs, performance and battery life. Not to mention that versatile camera tech.

I’ve fully reviewed Motorola’s optics in another video (as there’s a lot to talk about), while this video focuses on the rest of the phone. This is almost a new Moto flagship thanks to the dependable performance, gorgeous display, attractive design elements and other features. Of course, the One Zoom also costs more than its siblings, with a £429 UK asking price (and about the same in dollars for US customers).

Go check out my full unboxing for a tour of the UI and the main features, and my Moto One Zoom camera review to see how the 4 lens setup translates to solid photo and video quality. Are you tempted by Motorola’s latest smartphone? It’s certainly their best of 2019 so far.


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  1. I'm looking at a new phone so I think this may be my next dig.
    I've been reasonably happy with all my previous Motorola phones. I don't have a lot of money to through at flagships, so I've been chugging along with the mid-range ones and I'm pretty happy so far. Thanks for the review

  2. It's a nice phone but am I the only one to see the screen… adjusting or moving… I know what it's called but I don't remember. I've heard it's common with OLED displays

  3. Would you pick Motorola One Zoom or moto g stylus? moto g stylus $300 and one zoom $350 . any advice?
    I want it for camera quality

  4. Hello Motoooo.. please make a smaller phone, less than 6" . With a 3500-4000 MaH battery is ok . You can call it Moto G8 Power Jr. OR Motorola One Zoom Jr. 😃 Believe me , many of your loyalists will be happy !!

  5. So wierd choices. It should have had always on display, wireless charging(glass or plastic back ofc) and Android One…. Isn't this why it's called moto ONE Zoom?