My $2000 Custom iPhone 7 Plus!

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My $2000 Custom Retro iPhone 7 Plus! (Limited Edition iPhone)
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  1. you over pay i got the same iphone for free, i just switch phone plan and 43 dollar connection feed, plus a hundred dollar credit to spend on iphone stuff.

  2. Let this grown ass man pay whatever he wants to pay for his custom iPhone, damn ? of course it would be a waste of money to you all because you don't have the money to do it. And don't try to say "Even if I did have that money, I wouldn't spend it on things like that!"

    Bull. Even if it's not a phone, you'd sure as hell spend it on other things that others would consider as "dumb shit".

  3. all that matters bro is that your happy with it, your the one that will be spending all the time with it. besides its unique so I think its also worth it.

  4. You paid 2000 dollars for this? God damn… Look how poorly painted it is around the holes, I bet they did it using a rattle can, didn't even bother to sand out the bumps.

  5. Dude, I would be the first to pay through the nose for something truly original which has some artistic, aesthetic, or workmanship value, because I think that talent and and ingenuity should be rewarded.
    But this thing is the worse crap I have ever seen… You could have gotten $10, laser-cut skins and $5 Chinese Apple logo sticker and had the same thing achieved without a paint bump on the side and horrible work around camera lenses and LED.
    Thanks for not showing the bottom up close, I am sure it's just as messed up there around charging port.
    Try wearing it in the pocket with keys or loose changes, use it with an attached battery a few times, and I bet this paint would be all scratched and the Apple logo would fall out, make sure you superglue it.

    This miserable styling would have suited the first iphone, that I can see.
    And who the hell has nostalgia for those baige, ugly computers?
    You yourself were just going on about how nice the dark scheme you would have looked in iOS 12.

    Do you know why the count on the back doesn't go over 25?
    Because there aren't more than 25 idiots that would spend $1K on a crappym manual spray-paint job — they couldn't even apply masking tape well enough around the camera elements. he black buttons on this white body look UGLY. And you know it.
    if they used the color of the "ribs" for the buttons and to accent camera openings it may have looked like somebody with imagination did this.

    You could have sent this money for Puerto Rico (or Houston, if they are short), or spent it on any number of things, like design programs for kids, if those disasters didn't happen when you got this atrocity. Or to organize something against bigotry and hatred which are being cultivated in this country (if you want to sport your beard for much longer).
    Now, the only recourse you have is to send this piece of crap to be used for typing the tweets we are waking up to in the morning, which would ever entail the same nostalgia as whatever this thing represents and is.

    P.S. it took so long to get it, because that's how long the post from China takes. And if you are #4 in April, while the phone was out in October last year, you are really have been had.

    Next time ask your friends to check stuff out for you before making a full of yourself on so many levels when publishing something like this. yak.

  6. Serial code gives it away. It is fake. Also Apple NEVER put iPhones in opened boxes and especially not in plastic bags. Not even gonna watch rest of the video.