My favorite things in the iOS 11 beta for iPad Pro (Apple Byte)

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Brian Tong breaks down some of the key features in the beta of iOS 11 that make the iPad Pro feel like a whole new device.

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  1. I really can't understand why Apple took so long to implement these features. I've been doing this multitasking like 5 yrs ago with my galaxy note 2! Really wish these features were on the iPhone plus model. I mean seriously yow! Like these people refuse to innovate when it comes on to software

  2. to me after 11 IOs versions those horizontal lists menus seem outdated and this shift to a desktop like navigation is design paradigm breakout

  3. Tong's interesting notes:
    I'm standing outside what looks like yo… out here in Thousand Oaks California.
    Ice caramel macchiato Kalyssa
    Chapter 5 damage control plan in SF alone
    War for the planet of the apes NDA Mo…

  4. Good video I like the case you use for your iPad Pro what make is it and where can you buy one in the UK or is it only sold in the US also I own an iPad Pro and have iOS11 but don’t know what its best features are and can you send me some videos or tutorials on iPad Pro’s.