My Gear – Apple iPhone 8 Plus + Contour Roam 2 + Canon XA10 (Part 2)

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In this edition of Landing Gear, we take a closer look at the 3 more cameras I use to make the videos on this channel!

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  1. Nice set up Christopher.  It really shows why your videos are such good quality.  Do you find it hard to juggle everything and decide which camera you use and when?  
    And man that sucks about getting your iPhone snatched in Paris.  

  2. Nice guide, always good to see what's behind the lens! One of these days I'll get around to buying a proper camera, everything so far I've filmed on my iPhone 7+ 😂 I realise you don't need it, but for a free iPhone stabiliser just make the pistol shape with your left hand and then wedge your phone into the L between forefinger and thumb! Then with your right hand, hold the phone steady by pushing it into your left hand. I've got super shaky hands and my footage usually turns out pretty well – otherwise it's another job for Premiere's Warp Stabilizer!

  3. Oh I have serious camera envy. That Canon! Great that it's good in low-light settings. But phew – I'd definitely need to save up if I wanted one 🙂

  4. Awesome gear! I hadn’t heard much about the contour before. We usually film with GoPro but that seems pretty similar. I need to get some kind of gimbal for my GoPro or iPhone.

  5. Gadgets and buying stuff for yourself, yes please! Have to agree that having a 4K iPhone is always useful, much more discreet when filming and always with you. Looking forward to the next camera gear vid.