New 2018 iPhone X Rumors, iOS 12 Feature & MacBook Keyboard Issues!

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The iPhone X Plus might be the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus. The rumored LCD iPhone X may have a smaller screen than previously reported. iOS 12 will make Face ID better than ever. iPhone sales in Q2 were really great. And Apple faces a class action lawsuit due to thousands of faulty 2015+ MacBook and 2016+ MacBook Pro keyboards.

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  1. My late 2016 MacBook Pro just went in to replace my non working left Shift key, I was literally just 6 days past warranty, Apple honoured it. I am concerned about it happening again, as it appears to be a defective design. So it’s not a matter of if but when it will happen again. They need to replace with proper design. Be interesting to see what happens with this lawsuit.

  2. But I don't think that the iPhone SE2 would have the design of the iPhone x because the iPhone 8 What can be considered as a flagship so apples budget smartphone wouldn't compete with the iPhone 8 which is considered as electric so I don't think it's going to take this design that seamless sign from the iPhone 10 because what is the reason of the iPhone 8 then in the reason that the iPhone x is having the team was design is because the oldest curved and the Ribbons is attached in the phone and I don't think that the iPhone se 2 going to have an older skin so that's physically impossible I guess and like I said it won't compete with the iPhone 8 which is most powerful more expensive might get face ID but it will not get the CMOS design of the iPhone 10 or x

  3. Wouldn't it just be like Apple to release a NEW MacBook Pro with a full touch keyboard? I think it would be a good idea and provide a stronger taptic engine for click feedback.

  4. Heey SAM ❤️ if you still have the time to respond to comments: do you know if we can expect a new iPad Pro 12.9 this year? Have you heard something?

    The NAND Flash Memory destroyed itself in my iPad Pro 12.9 from 2015 and I really need a new one but I don't want to spend so much money right now on the 2017 version, if we're going to see a new one soon and getting it fixed would cost roughly 300€. ?

    Thank you, if you reply. ✨ Great video as always.

  5. The iPhone 8Plus body is the perfect size! I can just imagine that OLED screen on the forum factor of an iPhone 8Plus

  6. 2016 macbook pro13’ with touchbar. Some keys make louder noise due to dust that sits under it. Have to pop up that key and clean it. But it keeps happening because we do not live in a dust-free environment as Apple does

  7. Hi Sam, I’ve had Apple products since 2001. It sickens me these days to see Apple continue to push these none functional products on its customer. It doesn’t matter if it’s hardware or software this shouldn’t happen full stop, what makes it worse is when Apple clearly knows about these defects and lies or tries to cover things up. For this to happen on £3500 +hardware is a disgrace. They deserve to loose there loyal customer base.

  8. I’m hoping we get an upgrade on the Camera. And just not some software that saturates the pictures. Please Apple and is a HD Mic to much to ask for?

  9. As for MacBook Keyboard i have a 2017 high end mac book pro and no issues so far. It works perfectly and to my taste much better than previous “classic”keyboard mechanisms

  10. I'm happy to hear that Apple will make the iPhone X Plus the size of the 8 Plus. That 6.5 phablet sized rendering would be bulky and hard to hold. One minor tweak that I wish Apple would implement is crossfading in their Apple Music App! Spotify has it, and it is great! I like a seamless/gapless listening experience; especially when listening to my Playlists.