New iOS 11 beta 7 features / changes!

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A hands-on look at new iOS 11 beta 7 features / changes with commentary. Visit for more details. Below is a list of everything touched on in this video. Subscribe ► | Read full article ►

## Covered in video:
– Music app icon appears on Control Center music widget
– Yellow Volume limit warning indicator for EU users
– Now Playing widget back in Cover Sheet
– Bluetooth stays enabled with Airplane mode
– Smaller Lock screen clock

## Favorite apps:
LumaFusion (iOS):
Final Cut Pro X (Mac):
Pixelmator (Mac):
Affinity Designer (Mac):
Affinity Photo (Mac):
Affinity Photo (iPad):
Filmic Pro (iOS):
Ferrite (iOS):
Ulysses (iOS):
Ulysses (Mac):

## Favorite gear:
Panasonic GH5:
Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8:
10.5-inch iPad Pro:
Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard:

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  1. Apple is becoming more gay than ever. Before iPhones and iOS were looking professional. Now they add a lot of bright colors like if the iPhone is a toy now

  2. Hey guys… I need help !!after installing iOS 11 I notice a app called springboard in my app list where I enable data for each app but can’t find the app in phone memory

  3. Hi guys! It's been about 6 months since I got my 7 Plus now, I have this issue with the Touch ID where it won't always recognize my fingerprint. I have sweaty hands to begin with but whenever my fingers are sweaty, it keeps saying it can't recognize my fingerprint but I also do have an iphone 6s and even if my hands are sweaty, there are no problems with unlocking.

    I tried a few combinations with my 7 Plus:
    1. Sweaty finger + wet sensor = Can't unlock
    2. Sweaty finger + dry sensor = Can't unlock
    3. Non-sweaty finger + dry sensor = Can unlock about 90% of the time.

    I have friends who own the 7 and they said even if their hands are a bit wet they still were able to unlock their phone. !!! Solution please ??(ios 10.3.3)