New iOS 11 GM Wallpapers. Including new RETRO wallpapers!

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Lots of new Still wallpapers included in iOS 11 GM, including new six color retro wallpaper. Subscribe ► | Download using links in post ►

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  1. I guess it's 'clever' that people have dug up this stuff (although not hard), but I'm really annoyed with Apple leaking this shit in their own software/firmware releases. The keynotes used to be exciting as there was so much that was unknown. I miss those days… thumbs down.

  2. It's interesting to see Apple honouring their history a bit more and bringing back the Earth background that was the default iPhone OS 1.x-3.x background. I can also understand why Apple would put in a plain black background, because I occasionally used a plain black background on iOS 5 back in the day.

  3. Shifted by 2 row gay flag (what a genius idea!) wallpaper is looking awesome… Ya.
    Tim, keep your worldview with you, don't put it on Apple devices please.

  4. I don’t think that plain black wallpaper is a mistake. The first iPhone had just a plain back wallpaper. Also, with the next iPhone having an OLED display a plain black background would look good as it would would disappear into the bezels.

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  6. I had the Earth wallpaper on my 2007 original iPhone. (yeah I know this Earth pic is a new super high def pic) They are removing the Live fish wallpaper which I thought was kind of cool, the ink splashes. I hope theres more available than this, 7 different versions of the "Rainbow" design? I don't quite get that…3 would have been fine I think. Anyway, their selections may a kind of "ehh" to many at least there are 10000's of iPhone wallpapers all over the internet. I still use the little iPhone "Hide Dock" trick with the all black wallpaper, super thin 1px x 1px wallpaper found here – – Other gradient hide dock wallpaper tricks (no JB needed) cool look…for now. I'm sure ios11 will make this trick obsolete for a while until "Heyeased" figures something out

  7. Am I the only one who finds them somewhat boring? Most feel very feminine too which is fine just I wish there were options for a more neutral or masculine wallpaper.

  8. I love all the wallpapers but do u think a guy can have the one of the flower ones because I don’t want to come off as girly or anything I wish they would have more variety