New iOS 12 Rumors: Cross Device Apps & AppleOS Concept!

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A new report from Bloomberg sheds light on a huge iOS/macOS feature that could be announced as soon as WWDC 2018. That rumored feature is cross device apps, meaning apps on iOS 12 could run on a Mac with macOS 12.14.

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  1. This needs to happen. MacOS is so stale. Using windows 10 is much fresher and updated. At the very least make some big changes to visuals and animations in macOS.
    Especially since macs are so expensive. UI needs serious overhaul imo.

  2. Apples strength lay with good software and the app stores. Combining the OS’s for all the reasons you stated would be very interesting. I use a full slate of Apple hardware. Having the same OS would be great as both iOS and macOS both have good things to offer. One OS for all!

  3. Feeling like "bit" from Tron….yes,yes,yes,yes….. Becoming a bonafide Senior Citizen this nothing would make me (and esp my wife) happier than a One Ring to rule them all OS!

  4. Really love the Apple OS design concept. Reminds me a lot of Microsoft Fluent Design (for Windows 10), which I also like.

    Apple really needs to refresh their operating systems and make the design language more consistent because I feel like there are massive differences even between iOS devices.

    Not to mention, iTunes (on Mac) as we know it should die and should be replaced by more modern separate apps for Music, Movies, Podcasts, etc.

  5. I mean that concept looked great. It's a bit weird i think in the beginning, but it looks so fresh and new and modern. It's nice and it would make totally sense when you don't have bezels anymore on the screens in the future 🙂 (I subbed btw) 😀