NFC Powered Car Dock for Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 Galaxy Note 3 & Android Mount | Arkon NFCSM02

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Arkon’s NFCSM02 IntelliGrip Programmable NFC Car Dock for Android and other NFC enabled devices launches your favorite apps and functions effortlessly. Program the IntelliGrip Car Dock to activate Bluetooth for hands-free use in the car, launch navigation or your favorite music app by simply placing your NFC enabled smartphone or tablet into the IntelliGrip car dock. The versatile multi-surface mount can also be used at home on counter tops, desktops and night stands to automate your life. Switch on your Wi-Fi, set your alarm or send an SMS to let people know you’re at home. Car mount car dock includes a universal smartphone car charger for your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 NFC car mount
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 NFC car mount
Google Nexus 5 NFC car mount
Motorola Moto X NFC car mount



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