Nokia 4.2 Android One (Pie) unlocked smartphone | after 1 month review

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Nokia 4.2 after 1 month

Lets see how the #Nokia4.2 has been holding up after 1 month of use using the #Androidone program to recieve updates as frequent as every single month. After a month of using the #Nokia4.2 i can honestly say it very good for the price, to say the least. tell me what you think about the Nokia 4.2 in the comment section and lets chat about it🤳🏻📱👌🏼👌🏼
#android9.0 #android9piev1.22G

where to buy:

Nokia 4.2 – Android One (Pie) – 32 GB – 13+2 MP Dual Camera
#Nokia4.2 # Android pie 9 v1.22G, Nokia 4.2 unlocked version with 3GB RAm and 32GB ROM
Nokia 4.2 design brings a 19:9 edge-to-edge display with a premium glass front & back, metal internal structure, and a thin, lightweight polycarbonate frame that measures just 8.4mm.
Dedicated Google Assistant Button for instant access to your personal information to help you to stay on top of your day.
Access your information quickly with the biometric face unlock or built-in finger print sensor and pay securely with NFC and Google Pay.
The 13+2MP rear dual camera features AI powered HDR and low light imaging, while the front facing 8MP camera creates easily editable and sharable photos with built in Color Pop, Motion Stills, beautification mode and Google Photos.
Discover what Android 9 Pie has to offer including an easier user experience, made better with an AI that allows for Adaptive Battery saving and app integration that will only get better with monthly security updates and two full letter upgrades.


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  1. Nokia is doing a very good job on their phones. And having Android One on these phones getting updates on the regular is awesome.

  2. First off first off that beat is fire good stuff bro secondly really solid video thank you hit all the all the points that people want to know about for a smartphone and you did it in a really fast fashion while still maintaining clarity and detail really good stuff bro. I do have one question for you because you said the price was $189 I noticed that that's the same price as the Motorola one so my question is if you were choosing between the Motorola one and the Nokia 4.2 and your opinion which one would you go with? I look forward to your reply but other than that keep up the great work and I'll catch you on the next one have a good one bro.