Nokia 5.1 Plus vs Redmi 6 Pro Detailed Comparison

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Nokia 5.1 Plus and Redmi 6 Pro are two smartphones with price or Rs 10,999 and here is the detailed comparison of the two devices.

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  1. Bhai please yaar mere samjh me nhi aa rha hai ki kaun sa mobile loon mai battery backup kiska better hai load lekar na chle please bhai btao mai kun sa set loo on Nokia 5.1 Ya mi 6pro

  2. bhai, nokia me do sim ke sath ek card bhi use kar sate hain kya?? aur redmi me kar sakte hain kya?? is mamle me kon better hai. aur video aur audio recording me kaun saa better hai ? mera dil nokia nokia kehta hai lekin usme do sim ke sath memory card ni use kar paya to fayda kya hai kyuki storage to kam padni hi hai future me

  3. I received it today. Looks very small in hands….. speed is excellent but battery is the big problem in this phone….both the cameras are not good… a bit disappointed with this…..but in overall for Rs. 9500 it's a good deal. If you can spend a bit more look for other devices.

  4. Don't go for Redmi 6 Pro because
    Nokia 5.1 plus has best processor
    Best for gaming
    According to me camera samples in nokia 5.1 plus are better than Redmi 6 Pro
    Then about battery
    If we 2hrs video and play pubg for 2 hrs in Redmi Note 5 Pro which having 4000mah battery the battery will completely discharge whereas In Nokia there will be 5 to 10 percent of battery left
    They about Front camera Redmi 6 Pro just have only 5 MP front shooter
    Processor Snapdragon 660 and MediaTek P60 is the best processor under 15000

    Nokia 5.1 plus comes with powerful MediaTek P60
    That's all about look in Nokia 5 1 Plus
    Nokia 5.1 Plus comes with Android One which give you regular updates
    They also promised update to pie and we will receive Android 10 update too

    If you like Fhd display and MIUI only go with Redmi 6 Pro

  5. Should I buy redmi 6 pro at 9999 in Amazon sale ya phir bhi Nokia hi lu 10999
    Plz suggest me guys
    And which is more durable phone sir