Nokia 5 ,Nokia 6 and Nokia 3 launched + 3310 Aka daddy is back!

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Nokia launched there three new android devices which are nokia 5,nokia 6 and nokia 3 now for price nokia 3 will be at 15000 for price in pakistan which is almost 9800 in india Nokia 6 is the highest priced phone here however i was expecting quite more i also wanted nokia p1 which is rumoured for quite some time now
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  1. Nokia 3 bilkul Belarus set he meny 16000 me purchase kya t 3months pehly r just ek bar girny SE uska so called goreela glass Chur Chur hogea so plz don't purchase this set

  2. Asslam o alikum wa rahmatullah
    u r so good… plz aap apni videos ka starting music change kar len… that is so awful to listen…. baqi Allah aapke ilm main barkat de. keep it up..