Nokia 6.1 15+ Best Features and Important Tips and Tricks, Nokia 6 2018

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Nokia 6 2018 15+ Best Features and Important Tips and Tricks

Nokia 6 2018
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  1. Thank you so much…it's really helpful…
    Kindly suggest an app for this phone so that I can make call recording..
    I tried with boldbeast app …it only record my voice during the call…plz help.

  2. I have a problem with it…please can you give me a solution
    The bluetooth sign doesnot come at tge top when it is switched on and the time is also displayed on the left side rather than right side..i need this thing to be corrected..please help me solving this problem

  3. Brother i bought this phone before few days before this set i used to have samsung A5 2016 when i watch both together i feel big diffrence on display resolution colors, i tried my best to make setting but it looks white and ugly. May u help out me in settings so that i can get best colors or nokia colors or not like samsung. Thanks and Regards

  4. Had to purchase another 6.1 after my last 6.1 Nokia froze and wouldn't come on anymore didn't have it a full year don't know what that was all about 🤔 anyway might be crazy for buying same phone again but it's a great tank of a phone with many features and software updates & security patches. Best of all price is great! 🤣👍 will not hurt pockets
    Also nice video bro✌️