Nokia 6.1 (2018) Review

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The Nokia 6.1 (2018) is a budget phone that is an upgrade over last year’s Nokia 6: it now features a more powerful processor, improved camera and can shoot video in 4K.

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  1. Watching this from a Nokia 6.1. Cracked screen and color changes in the display, while the back is damaged as well, but still a good phone…

  2. It may look stock, but it's running so much "Evenwell" shit in the background services and aggressive power saving for the battery and ram management, I used a batch script to remove it. Much better now and doesn't kill my apps check out

    Also check out XDA developers for the batch script

    My 6.1 is super fast now

  3. Whats the radiation level of this phone ? Desperately trying to fjbd a reasonable priced smartphone with low radiation, had pains in my hand and arm from using a samsung a5 .. any help ??

  4. More than a year still rocking this beautiful phone, HMD hit the ball park with this one its great and is very affordable now sturdy and dependable.

  5. I need help
    Which should I buy
    Samsung Galaxy A10 or Nokia 6.1 or Leagoo T8s

    The price doesn't matter.
    I just need help to choose the better phone for an all rounder meaning I'll be using it for everything like work, gaming, communication, and etc.

  6. It's May 2019 and I just ordered this after a price cut in my country! You said it's a "questionable" design but I do love the design! The 6.1 plus now looks like the typical notch phone we see everywhere. I don't mind the bezels. Excited to see the Nokia logo to be seen by my coworkers just for nostalgia factor! 😁

  7. I got this phone on Ebay for under $150

    A phone with a fingerprint scanner, NFC, FHD screen and can shoot video in 4k for $150 (brand new) with Android One and a decent Snapdragon processor? You can't beat that with a stick.

    You don't have to take my worthless opinion lol. The Amazon/Ebay/Youtube comments speak for themselves.

  8. My Nexus 6P, which I paid a fing fortune for less than 4 years ago finally went Google Bootscreen of Doom this morning and no way was I going to pay all that money for the dissapointing Pixel 3, so picked up one of these since it seemed just too good a bargain to pick up given that it's Android One. Only been using it for a few hours but so far so good, sure the screen isn't as good as my old Nexus 6P but in most other aspects its better, so I'm sure it'll keep me happy.

  9. Screw this phone. It won't even connect to Windows 8.0. These f**kers deserve to go down to the dust. Waste of my money and time. Their 2G phones , (not smart phones) work great even today. Unfortunately their brains stopped working after that.

  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to make notchless less bezel 16:9 phones n why are companies making 18:9 ,19:9 etc phones mostly with notches….only this is latest phone with 16:9 πŸ˜’

  11. These reviews seem very uncomfortable reviewing any device that isn't an Apple. Still one of the few in depth coverages on this phone.