Nokia 7+ និង oppo f7 | ទិញមួយណាល្អ?

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oppo f7 vs nokia 7 plus

both phone have beautiful design tall screen fullHDplus 18.9 aspect rastio but the oppo build from high quitly plastic not as premuim the nokia 7plus they both share almost the same screen size 6.2 inches on the oppo f7 and 6.0 inches on the nokia 7plus with notch if you love the notch go with oppo f7 it also cost cheaper then nokia 7plus
both power by different processor mediatek helio p60 along with 4GB/6GB or RAM and 64/128 GB of memory
the nokia 7plus runing snap dragon 660 with 4GB RAM and 64GB memory both phone can be expand by memory card.
this 2 processor i would call better then each other they both are in medrang so the performane should be similar
both phone support dual sim but i found that nokia 7 plus better becuase its has bluthooth 5.0 and oppo have 4.2.and also NFC
camera is other different the oppo f7 have only single camera 16 MP, f/1.8 and 25 MP, f/2.0,front camera and only can record video FHD
but nokia have Dual12MPf/1.8 + 12 MPf/2.6 zizse obtic should be performane better then the oppo f7 and 16 MP (f/2.0 front camera its can also record 4k video
they run the latest andriod 8.1 but nokia 7 plus runing andriodone programe that look excatly the same the pixel it clean stok android with 2 year fast warraty update google
and oppo f7 have color SO apply on top of android 8.1 with afew customizable and gurster like iphone X the battery oppo f7 also smaller then nokia at 3400mah and 3800mah on the nokai
onething to note the nokia 7plus use USB C to charge the phone sadly oppo f7 still micro USB

so finnally let talk about price nokia 7 plus cost about 399$ a bit more expensive then the oppo f7 329$ but its premuim build, better camera, better software, bigger battery, and the USB C

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