Nokia 7.1 vs Nokia 7 Plus | Side-by-side comparison

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Comparison between the Nokia 7.1 and the older 7 Plus, to see what’s been updated in terms of specs, camera tech and the rest – and surprisingly, the Nokia 7 Plus proves better than the 7.1 in many key areas.

The Nokia 7.1 sports a low £300 asking price in the UK, while the 7 Plus costs £350 – although you can often pick it up for a little less. Nokia’s new phone boasts an HDR-ready display, plus a revamped design to make it even more easy to handle. However, the Nokia 7.1 is beaten by the older model when it comes to speed and battery life, while the Nokia 7 Plus also packs smarter camera chops – including an optical zoom.

You can grab the Nokia 7.1 right now in the UK, but are you tempted by that HDR screen or are you sticking with the 7 Plus? Let us know in the comments below! Come back tomorrow for a full comparison between the Nokia 7.1 and the Motorola One, another Android One smartphone costing under £300.


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  1. Thanks for reviewing them side by side. I've gone for the 7 Plus, even though i really like the Steel version of the 7.1, because of the extra spec and i prefer larger screens. I'm looking forward to delivery. It's my first Nokia in many years. I still have a drawer full of late 90's and up to 2006 Nokia phones. I used to love Nokia and have returned to them. Nice to be back.

  2. Need some advice!!! I am planning on going back to iphone after an incident which made me buy an Android. Now Nokia is back and I can't choose to either buy an iphone or a Nokia Android. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  3. I have the Nokia 7.1…. the Display is not very good, has a red tint no matter what I do, nothing corrects the color. Bought mine at Best Buy and they did not sell any accessories for the Nokia 7.1 phone. The charging port takes a USB – C charging cord not a USB Micro-B. I've read reviews that other USB-C charging cords don't work well to charge the phone other than the one that comes in the box with the phone-hoping that is not true. For $350.00 I am kind of disappointed. What I really wanted the phone for I end up not getting… First and last time tying a Nokia phone. Not happy.

  4. Oh Nokia, Oh Nokia. So this is my story with my 7.1. I purchased it in December ’18 at a well known store in Hong Kong. From there the phone was fine…liked Androidone, the phone itself is a nice size/weight etc. Many of the features that are talked about in this review are true, some are not (I don’t think it has great battery life, but it’s not horrible, the speakers is very weak!). Nevertheless as you will find out if you are considering a 7.1 it is clear that the USB-C (one of the reasons I purchased this phone along with the 3.5jack and the low price) is defective from the factory.  100% read the nokia support pages…they are ALL failing. So my tale of woe essentially comes down to the fact that Nokia is NOT honoring the warranty in the USA; which is a terrible idea for a product that is “designed” to be mobile (it’s a portable device!). If you were to go on vacation or get a job for an extended amount of time Nokia has ZERO help for you unless you stay home. For that reason alone I cannot recommend this phone or ANY phone from Nokia. Even fixing the phone requires shipping it back to Nokia for at least 3-5 days…and who knows if the fix is good? Keeping in mind that even after I asked to pay for service, they still said NO. Nokia…you are done. Good luck with that attitude going against Steve Jobs and his network of stores, spare parts and 3rd-party repair.

  5. Hello guys I need your help with deciding which smartphone I should choose. I am really into both Nokia 7 plus and Xiaomi mi A2, but I have watched many reviews and I am getting very confused. They both seem to be very good smartphones in respective price-range, but there is still a 80 dollars difference in the price tag (nokia is the more expensive one) here in Sweden which makes this very difficult for me. Would be really grateful if you could just give me some inspiration. And btw, I do not really care about the Xiaomi missing NFC, headphone jack and extra Sd card slot, so please try to avoid basing your arguments on these factors. Thanks again!

  6. Not being hugely technical a mid range phone is perfect for me, I would choose the 7.1 just because it looks a little classier but not being able to see the battery life is a bit of a deal breaker. How silly huh?

  7. Nokia 7.1 because Nokia didn't release the 7 plus in the U.S most unfortunately despite them saying they'd plan to nearly a a year ago 😪

  8. This is probably why Nokia still can't seem to garner any sot of relevance in the smart-phone industry. They made a phone that is worse than the 7 Plus and gave it the name 7.1 This would make you think it was related to and therefore better than, the 7 Plus, but in fact it's not even a distant cousin and is, by quite a margin, the poorer option of the 2 phones. Quite why they chose to go down this naming route is a mystery and it would've been far better if they were to name it as a different, stand alone variety of their collection.

    I'm definitely considering buying the Nokia 7 Plus to replace my current cheapo phone, the Huawei P9 Lite, which after a couple of year's usage has started to do some strange things, like massive stuttering, random freezing and slow downs. For the 200 asking price, I believe the 7 Plus is a good value piece of kit to keep me going for another couple of years.

    Thank you for all your reviews, they've been a big help and very entertaining too!

  9. I wonder if there is a solution for the infamous WiFi issue in N7+ ?! , it start happening after upgrading ( more like downgrading ) to Pie and still not fixed yet including the Feb "Security" patch.