Nokia 7 Plus charger port replacement★HOW TO★GUIDE

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NOkia 7 Plus charger port replacement
– Step by step instructions
– Sell Accessories
– Quick replacement
– Get replacement at the store “Dien Thoai So”

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160 Nguyen Van Cu street , District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam
Hotline (+84) 919 345 877
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  1. Be careful not to stick your opening tool to deep into the phone! The adhesive margin is only 1-2 millimeters around the edges, it's not necessary to get deeper. The display is made of several layers, attached to the glass front from the inside. If your opening tool gets between these layers you will have to replace the display too. Thanks for this video!

  2. Thanks dude. Taking that screen off with out breaking it, highly skilled. Me on the other hand completely wrecked the screen in doing so, never the less it now charges! (:

  3. is it posible to use a charging board from any athor manifacture like samsung as the replacement parts for nokia is not avilable in my local area and a bit expensive to repair it in nokia service centre

  4. Nokia 7 plus is such a shit don't ever buy them. They failed in this port. I have a problem with their port as well fucked I regret buying it. When I try to search for solution in internet I've found out I wasn't the only one lots and lots of people have this problem all in the charger port.

  5. did the camera person watch a lot of NYPD Blue? LOL. even tho i do not understand what you are saying i would rather listen to you rather than you + music.

  6. Sir,I'm using,Nokia 7plus,suddenly light disappeared,repair shop person told,Light IC Problem & after 3 days he told Light IC not found & returned me,I'm unable to use this phone
    Can u plz make me available NOKIA 7 Plus mother board light IC,plz sir it will be ur great help