Nokia 7 Plus: Complete guide

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Our Nokia 7 Plus complete guide includes our unboxing, review and camera tests and UK review.

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  1. I just bought a Nokia 7plus, what a pile of crud. Double tap to open can take one or up to eight times to open. Double tap in say, Google, is same, it highlights the text but sometimes won't open or finally with up to six or so double taps. Copy and pasting, hard to start copying in the correct spot. Some Apps hang and open evertually with a lot of waiting or close phone and reopen. Earphones when plugged in , the phones speaker still works along with the earphones, can be embarassing.. The list goes on…,.

  2. Hey!, i bought a Samsung j7 pro last year. i dropped it from bellow Knee Height and broke its display. got it replaced and within a month i broke it again from a simple fall from waist level with the protective cover, and flip cover too!! the fall wasn't that loud strong either the glass didnt shatter but the display went pinkish from one corner. and had to be thrown away, i just had a bad experience, but now i am with a rigid NOKIA 105 Feature Phone, i just want a perfect upgrade or at-least make a calculative choice, i felt Nokia 7+ is a budget, rigid phone. kindly tell me your opinion with these things in mind. or suggest me a phone in this preferences. Regards

  3. Hi wondering if you can help, currently stuck between honor 10, moto g6s plus and nokia 7 plus. The camera is the most important factor for me, which would you suggest? TIA

  4. I also own the 7 plus . Works grate . Only 2 complaints . 1 While it can handle intense graphics games EZ… Sometimes it lags on the simppest stuff . But thats not something big . But my primary issue is battery drain is really bad … It drains quickly . Idk if its just me .

  5. isn't the Motorola g6 plus with sd 630 abetter choice??
    With a cheaper price tag and also dual cameras and 6 GB of ram and a5.9-inch screen

    A con is the front design which isn't that modern looking like the nokia and the flagship smartphones
    while the back with the glass looks alot better than nokia